Ask A Farmer: Hello, Henry!

We asked some farmers what their favorite & least favorite parts about growing were. To our surprise, the answers varied and we were quite interested in the diversity of the answers. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we report their answers to you, and keep in mind that we want your input too! See more details at the bottom of this blog post for how to send us your story. 

Understanding the biology, physiology, and life on a molecular level is a most beautiful thing. (2)


For this week in Ask A Farmer, we sat down and asked a farmer that owns and operates a farm with his wife. Their farming focus is wholesale quantities of storage crops and cut flowers for retail markets and events,. They are Certified Organic and are currently farming in Washington state

This farmer asked to remain anonymous, so for the sake of this post we will call him Henry.

What's your least favorite part about growing?
With Henry's personality, he is the type of person that enjoys problem solving and getting to the root of roadblocks that are presented to him. That being said, he likes working in a field (pun intended) that allows his tasks to differ day-to-day. If there are any responsibilities that become repetitive he begins to dislike the monotony of the job. 

What's your favorite part about growing? 
Henry enjoys working with his hands and being around natural systems that foster growth and life. As a problem solver, understanding the biology and physiology of life on a molecular level is a most beautiful thing that creates a bond with nature and everything that is connected to farming. 

He strives to learn how different aspects can affect farming systems including weather, and plant diseases and applies this knowledge to his farming strategies. He also enjoys visiting other farms to compare their growing methods and systems with his own in order to create long lasting, sustainable growth. 


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Posted 10th January 2019 by Muriah Carlson