Simplifying Spinach Variety Selection

At Osborne, our priority is to find the best spinach varieties for consistent performance throughout the year. The key to success is planting the right variety for the season and choosing a variety with resistance to the prevalent races of mildew on your land.

We maintain relationships with the top breeders and seed producers in the world to provide our customers with high-performing varieties to best ensure a successful crop. Disease resistance is key, as is choosing the right variety for the season. We aim to give our growers the information they require to select the correct variety of spinach for their needs.


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Our Top Choices

Lizard — Our top pick for the summer slot is Lizard, which has the best bolt tolerance of our lineup. Its smooth, rounded leaves are thick and glossy, perfect for baby leaf production. HR: 1-15, 17

Banjo — The most adaptable variety we carry. Banjo helps you manage the transitions from cool to warm and back to cool again—when slotting can be tricky. Semi-savoy, large dark-green leaves, and long stems make for gorgeous, full bunches. HR: 1-12, 14-16

Kiowa — With the highest resistance available on the market, Kiowa is the perfect choice for growers who have struggled with downy mildew. Its medium-slow growth means good bolt resistance, superior to other semi-savoy varieties. HR: 1-17

Sioux — Our favorite for cool-season planting. Sioux’s medium-fast speed makes it a reliable performer when growth slows on the shorter days of the year. It has thick, semi-savoy leaves for baby leaf and bunching. HR: 1-15, 17


Posted 16th July 2019 by Rebecca Morse