Baby Leaf and Creating a Perfect Salad Mix

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Finding the Right Lineup

Our goal at Osborne Quality Seeds is to offer a wide assortment of varieties to suit the needs of an eclectic community of growers. When it comes to salad mix, most growers have an idea of how they would like their product to look—the number of components, the desired combination of colors, and the type and diversity of the leaf shape.

This year, we set about revamping our baby leaf lettuce to offer a broader selection, including more organic options and varieties with the highest resistance to downy mildew (Nasanovia) and lettuce-dieback complex. With an extensive range of choices, each grower can create their perfect mix.

We recorded data regarding uniformity, plant habit, leaf shape, texture, thickness, cupping, and color for each variety. Thick, waxy leaves are essential for a mix that will hold up well post-harvest. Serrated, ruffled, and cupped leaves add loft and are less likely to bruise when washed and spun. A range of color creates interest. Narrow stems provide a smaller cut surface, which can significantly extend freshness. In an effort to offer a broad selection that boasts endless combinations, we rate each variety on its own merits. We also carefully consider a variety’s potential fit within our lineup as a whole.


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We are happy to offer these high-quality additions in our selection:

Celinet Organic — Similar to Dane, Celinet’s blistered bright-green leaves are broad and crisp with heavily ruffled edges.

Clearwater Organic — Glossy green oak with deeply lobed leaves, narrow attachment, and ruffled margin.

Surfside Organic — Dark-green oak with thicker, slimmer leaf than Clearwater and Bolsachica. Upright growth and narrow attachment for easy harvest.

Cavendish Untreated — Glossy dark-red oak with deeply lobed, thick leaves for superb shelf life.

Sycamore Untreated — Fast-growing light-green tango with thick, segmented leaves.

Zion Untreated — Dark red lolla rossa with broad, heavily ruffled leaves which add fantastic loft to a mix.

Blade — Beautiful cherry-red oakleaf with upright habit and excellent uniformity.

Bolsachica — Waxy thick green leaves are lobed with a slightly serrated margin. Excellent field holding and shelf life.

Posted 22nd July 2019 by Rebecca Morse