Ask A Farmer: Linda at First Cut Farm

We asked some farmers what their favorite & least favorite parts about growing were. To our surprise, the answers varied and we were quite interested in the diversity of the answers. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we report their answers to you, and keep in mind that we want your input too! See more details at the bottom of this blog post for how to send us your story. 

For this week in Ask A Farmer, we sat down and asked Linda some questions. She previously owned First Cut Farm, which she operated for the 2018 season. 

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What's your least favorite part about growing?
Linda says that it can be challenging to find a high quality market that will consistently purchase her produce on a weekly basis that also has a consistent customer base.She enjoys other aspects of growing more than being a marketing and business person, but connecting with customers over delicious produce balances out some of the negatives!

What's your favorite part about growing? 
Although Linda may not enjoy the sales aspect of farming, she does enjoy connecting with the Earth and growing in other ways. As she puts it, "you know you're in line with nature when you're in the dirt and can be a part of a regenerative life cycle."

She connects with farming on a deeper level when the seasons change and she is able to mimic the flow of nature by echoing it's movements. During the summer, she is busier as life on the farm grows all around her with constant energy. Similarly, winter is when nature tends to be quiet and still and that's also the time when farmers settle in and prepare for the next season of growth. 

Linda now works with farmers at Osborne Quality Seeds as well as research and trialing. Reach out to her with any farming questions by emailing Linda@osborneseed.com 

Carrots, carrot trial, Linda, malbec, purple sun, purple hae, rainbow, cornucopia 102318  (5)Linda harvesting carrots at Osborne Quality Seeds

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Posted 26th January 2019 by Muriah Carlson